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Unregistered 02:34 PM 03-26-2020
I'd like to create a dedicated infant play area outside for this spring/summer. My baby is 8 months old and all of the other children in my care are between 3-9 years of age. They are all pretty good about being gentle and looking out for the baby, but I also want them to be able to run and play without worrying about him getting stepped on. I'm also concerned about the playground we have in the backyard as a lot of the equipment is too old for him. Any suggestions on how to go about making a separate area? I was thinking about maybe building a short fence & filling that area with infant/toddler type toys. I really have no definite ideas yet. What do you do for your babies when you're outside? He is very mobile, crawling & cruising already. I want him to be able to explore, but safely.
flying_babyb 05:08 PM 03-26-2020
Those picket fences work nice. I would do something like that with some soft areas (mabey a mat that you can roll up and take inside). Bing has nice options if you search infant daycare playarea
Lil_Diddle 09:26 AM 03-28-2020
I have two of the outdoor play yard gates put together to make a larger rectangle. Itís on my patio, so Iíve put foam the foam flooring mats for them to crawl on. I also keep a shade umbrella over the area.
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