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Hunni Bee 10:23 AM 04-12-2021
Hi guys!! Itís been about a year! Hope everyone is well.

Iíve got a little guy who will be 5 on Monday. Heís been with me about 6 weeks. He has some sort of issue with pooping and poops himself multiple times a day some days. Heís awaiting a doctor appointment and on Miralax. The Miralax makes his have wet stools which has been soaking through his clothing.

Because of this, I told his parents he needs be in Pull-ups until we get his issue straightened out. They were very agreeable and sent in 2 packs the next day. But immediately, dcb has started going to the bathroom exclusively in them for both pee and poo. Itís literally been 2 days. We talked to him, remind him to go at intervals...but he just goes in the pull-up.

Do I try to undo this or not worry about it until they figure whatís the issue? Iím just worried about the fact of having to retrain him.
Unregistered 12:58 PM 04-12-2021
As soon as they have this problem figured out, the parents will need to retrain him again and you help along the way but the parents need to begin the process. Also, have the parents bring in a detailed plan of what needs to be done while he is in your care and if he needs any dietary changes, have them provide it so you don't rack up such a big grocery bill each month
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