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HappyPennie 07:09 AM 02-21-2022
I have a current family that told me they will be moving because Dad got a new job and he starts in March. I asked what the kidsí last day would be and she said she wasnít sure yet. I assumed it would be March and it was originally suppose to be. Well I filled their infant spot for June and was going to take another family temporarily until the other infant starts so I messaged them yesterday for a last date of care and she said their plans have changed and they would like to keep the kids in daycare until late August/early September when their house is done being built. In my excitement to be able to keep them longer I told them that would be fine and then realized later that itís not because I have the other infant starting in June now. So now I got myself in a pickle and Iím not sure how to handle this. Any advice would be appreciated. I am going to look into a variance, but I donít have specific dates for start and end so Iím not sure how that works.
Michael 11:01 AM 02-21-2022
Will taking in the infant put you over ratio? If so, you could tell them that you had filled the spot but were unaware at the time you told them they could stay.

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