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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Baby Gate..If You Use..What Kind??
graham.shellbell 09:20 AM 10-21-2011
I NEED a gate at my family room where I keep most of them during the day.. I have one or two I am really afraid are going to be able to destroy it but hopefully a time or two in time out and they will leave alone..if you use one what brand/kind do you use?? Does it attach to the wall? Walk through?? Up until the last couple months I had no need..the older ones knew not to go out of there unless it was preschool time but now w one just starting to walk and another soon to follow I need to keep them in there!
Danielle 10:04 AM 10-21-2011
We have a walk through one that can either screw into the wall or be pressure mounted. This is it:

The older kids learn how to use it so it's perfect for the that my kids can let themselves back to the bathroom or their rooms but daycare kids are still limited to the front of the house. It stands up to abuse too. The one we have is atleast 6 years belonged to my nanny family before I had kids and they passed it down to me.
Oneluckymom 10:20 AM 10-21-2011
I use Regalo. They are supper easy to use. My son who is 6 and daughter is 4 are both able to open it. So its great for older kids and would keep the little's in or out. Did I mention they are not all that expensive?
Michael 04:10 PM 10-21-2011
Some baby gate ideas here:
squareone 09:27 PM 10-21-2011
Kidco has a good selection of gates. I used the Configuregate and the Elongate. Not the cheapest but they are worth the price.
Unregistered 06:35 AM 10-22-2011
When my eldest granddaughter was a baby, my sil brought home less than $1k a month. First thing he did on payday was cash his check and take my daughter to WalMart. They bought enough diapers, formula, and food to last until the next payday. Then came whatever bills were due that week. Whatever was left over went to "fun". Some weeks that was only $5.

The baby's needs came first. It was a rough time for them, but they made it.
DaisyMamma 04:30 PM 10-23-2011

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