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fitsoflaughter 01:42 PM 01-09-2015
ok, so I run my home daycare out of my basement. When we bought this house it was (for me) because the basement was perfect for daycare. Big open space, door to the back yard etc. However my biggest issue and one I've yet to over come completely, is the lack of kitchen!!! I love to cook, and I love to bake. I provide lunches and snacks because I found that in making parents bring food, they brought crappy food and the kid wanted what somebody else had, or "Forgot" again. I am always trying to find new foods to feed my kids. I make things ahead of time and reheat them in the microwave, but even then my options are limited. I have this neat pizza pizazz that makes it so I can bake almost anything as well. I was just wondering if any one else has this issue and how you handle it, and I am also wondering what kinds of foods you prepare for you kiddos! Thanks!
TwinMama 01:52 PM 01-09-2015
I'm with ya. I have a microwave and fridge in my basement, but that's it.

I'm anxious to see any suggestions.

The only thing I can come up with is to reheat something I previously made.
homeishere 03:05 PM 01-09-2015
What about a slow cooker? You can fill the insert the night before or each morning and keep the base plugged in in the basement.
jenboo 05:13 PM 01-09-2015
Microwave, slow cooker and toaster over.
You can do almost anything with those and they can easily plug in down in your basement
LysesKids 04:06 AM 01-10-2015
Originally Posted by homeishere:
What about a slow cooker? You can fill the insert the night before or each morning and keep the base plugged in in the basement.
I'm with you on this... in the winter slow cooker meals are the bomb. Takes up less space than a microwave (something I don't own lol); A toaster oven is another possibility
Pepperth 04:49 AM 01-10-2015
What about an electric skillet or waffle maker? Great for eggs, pancakes, etc. I used to have a quesadilla maker that was sort of like a sandwich press. I could see something like that being useful.
Ariana 06:27 AM 01-10-2015
I have small enough numbers that I bring the kids up to my kitchen for snack and lunch but it is still annoying since my upstairs is not that kid friendly.
Have you thought about a toaster oven or crock pot? I was thinking about getting one of those kitchen carts with wheels and having it in my storage room and then wheeling it out for snack and lunch. I also have a mini fridge in my storage room so I an have juice, milk and fruits on hand.

There are so many great crock pot ideas and the toaster oven would work great for anything you need baked.

With something like this you can have your cooking items on top and plates and stuff on the bottom.
Controlled Chaos 08:46 AM 01-11-2015
I also bring the kids upstairs while I cook lunch. I have a mini fridge in the basement but lack of microwave/toaster oven aside dowstairs I really don't have the prep space. I like taking the kids upstairs for 30-45min though. I have 3 sets of special toys (blocks, dress up and little people) that they love and are always excited to see. I also occasionally turn on a show like "Elmosize" or Kid yoga for them to do while I cook. It breaks up the day having them in a new space for a few minutes. I so use my slow cooker a lot too.
Unregistered 04:56 PM 01-11-2015
I'd second a mini fridge, toaster, toaster oven, crock pot, sandwich maker, & electric skillet. Other things you can make ahead, like baked goods, casseroles, etc.
Michael 03:05 PM 01-12-2015
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