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DCMomOf3 08:19 AM 02-17-2011
I have a DCB who is running a low fever, and has one wet poopy diaper. Would you call the parents and put them on notice if you have a feeling you will be sending him home? He hasn't hit the temp in my contract and I say 2 diarrhea diapers, not one, so I can't really send him home quite yet.
dEHmom 08:24 AM 02-17-2011
Me personally, I FYI to give the parents a heads up. Maybe they have the option to skip their lunch and leave early, or something.
daycare 08:30 AM 02-17-2011
ditto... I always give a courtsey call and just let them know that _______ seems to not be feeling well , give them the report and then let them know that there is a possibilty that child will be sent home. You will keep them updated......
Zoe 09:24 AM 02-17-2011
I agree. It gives them some notice that they may have to leave. They can warn their bosses/spouses/emergency contact/etc... I think it's a courtesy that most parents would appreciate instead of getting a call from you saying, "Your kid is sick. Come pick him up now."
heyhun77 10:17 AM 02-17-2011
I do FYI texts if there is anything out of the ordinary (clingy, elevated temp, runny stools, more tired than normal, etc) so like others mentioned the parents can look ahead through their day and troubleshoot in case it becomes necessary for them to come and pick up their child. I'd rather have more contact with a parent and have them rearrange things for nothing than have them in back to back meetings/appointments with no chance of getting here when they are truely needed. It's stressfull for the provider when it takes longer for the parent to get here and it's stressfull for the parent because they're trying to balance their workload with being a parent which is usually a hard enough balance.
MG&Lsmom 10:35 AM 02-17-2011
I have. I feel it also gives them the opportunity to make plans for the next day & squeeze in a pharmacy run, just in case the child gets through the day with you and gets worse overnight.
DCMomOf3 10:42 AM 02-17-2011
I texted with an FYI and that I'd call if DCB got too sick to stay. They would pick him up without question if i asked, that's not ever an issue. DCM calls back asking how he is, saying he was just fine before and that his antibiotic he's on has diarrhea as a side effect. I know it's not the meds, and I feel bad enough that dcb has been sick quite a bit lately, but i'm not making it up and I feel like she just questioned that fact. I love this family to bits and it makes me sad when they question it because they say he's not showing signs of being sick at home.
Lilbutterflie 11:54 AM 02-17-2011
I got burned when I did an FYI call for a 6 mo who was running a low fever. It wasn't high enough to send him home, but he was irritable, exhibiting bad cold symptoms, and I wanted to give DCM a heads-up.

She insisted it was teething and that I give him tylenol. Well, as you all know, this would only mask whatever potential fever he would get, so I refused. She ended up calling her doctor and faxing me a doctor's note saying he was teething and to give him tylenol. I was livid.

Because of this instance, I won't do FYI calls anymore. I have also added to my contract that I won't give tylenol for low fever, and I won't take a doctor's note if it goes against my own illness policy.
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