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Josiegirl 03:48 AM 09-27-2017
Does anyone have a good article about 'it's okay to be the parent' or being the one in charge, or something like that?
I need to talk face to face with a dcm and kind of suggest that she needs to be the parent but don't want to make her my enemy, KWIM? I may end up coming right out and telling her that very thing but want info to back it up or offer.
Thanks. Hope I can say it in a tactful way without sounding like a witch. Sometimes things fly out of my mouth and I feel like 'well, THAT didn't come out right.' Wish we could have take-backs or do-overs in this life.
Michael 04:11 AM 09-27-2017
I would bet there is one in our Nannyde articles:
Blackcat31 06:42 AM 09-27-2017
I have this.....(I don't know if it's the type of thing you are looking for)
Cat Herder 08:00 AM 09-27-2017

Updated printing of a staple.
Josiegirl 02:25 AM 09-28-2017
Thank you! They're both helpful. I know they are permissive parents; they feel the need to console their 3 yos every time they cry. AND these girls KNOW crying reaps attention because they play crying games all the time. One of them pretends to be the mother and the other starts crying so the mother rushes in to kiss and coddle. Oh my, so I know exactly how it's working. They try it with me and get a whole different response.

If 1 of them has something the other 1 wants and starts throwing a fit about it, dcm will ask her to share. I just think that's asking for problems. I always teach them to say 'when you're done with that, may I please have it?' Otherwise dcg will cry every time she wants something and it'll get worse and worse. I wish I could have that conversation with dcm, pointing out the causes and effects of what I'm witnessing.

Yesterday, I opened the door to greet them and dcgs were loaded down with toys. Dcm asks dcg if it's okay if she puts 1 of the bigger items back in the car. Dcg's saying no and I spoke up and said 'actually, you need to bring all of it back to the car'. So she spent the next 10 minutes negotiating with her dds.
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