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Unregistered 11:35 AM 08-12-2011
What do you guys if a parent says she short and I will pay you next week. Please help
daycare 11:40 AM 08-12-2011
What is your policy on late payments? Do you have one?

If this is the first time it has happened, I would try to be understanding and work with the parent, however, I would let them know that I am making an exception and will not allow for any future fees to go unpaid.

I would also let them know that if the payments in the future on not paid in full when due, that a late fee of $25.00 plus $10.00 each day that it is late will be charged. Their child cannot return to care until all fees have been paid in full. Keeping the child home to avoid paying will not void their contract and daycare fees will continue to accumulate until paid in full.
snbauser 11:41 AM 08-12-2011
On the rare occassion it happens I tell them that is fine but don't forget to include the $XX/day late fee when you pay it and that if they are more than a week behind care is suspended.
Crazy8 11:48 AM 08-12-2011
It would depend a lot on WHO was asking for me... One of my long time parents, never late before, etc. I would grant it with a moderate late fee attached. A parent I have had other issues with I would not take the child without payment.
My policy is you pay the Friday before. People sometimes forget, they can come back with it by 6pm Friday w/o late fee. They can also drop it off the weekend with a late fee - but if you can remember to bring me your child on Monday morning you better remember to bring payment as well. I've never had to turn someone away on Monday morning but I would if it wasn't a parent I had a lot of faith in. Because remember, if they are short now, next week they are going to have to pay DOUBLE - if that's something you don't think they will be able to do - TELL THEM NO. No payment = no child care.
Cat Herder 11:54 AM 08-12-2011
I would not let them back in the door Monday without this weeks AND next weeks payment in hand, in cash.

Payment should be in advance of providing services for this exact reason.

Good luck, hun.

I can't imagine saying to a parent " I am a little short this week so I am not going to feed your child for a couple days. Hope you don't mind."
wdmmom 12:12 PM 08-12-2011
I charge a $10.00 per day late fee (includes Saturdays and Sundays). If her payment is due today, you get an exact date on what day she is paying. If you aren't in agreeance to that, tell her the way it needs to be and charge the late fee.

For example:

If a family told me that they couldn't pay today but said they'd pay next Friday, that to me is unacceptable. If they don't have payment in full by drop -off on Wednesday, they can't come until they have the full weeks fee, by then another week is due so you'll need to collect that plus the late fee.
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