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sariejohnston 01:34 PM 01-29-2012
So i am new here, i work at a church based daycare in the two year old room for the most part i enjoy my job a lot! i love coming up with ideas for the kiddos to do and i am always looking for new ideas. i am not going to lie its hard work and i get frustrated at times and burned out due to some stuff my daycare is dealing with right now. but i am trying my very best to give everything i have to that place because i know we can be tons better! anyway i just found this site and i think this is what i need for ideas and sometimes to even vent! so hi!
Blackcat31 02:33 PM 01-29-2012
Michael 03:25 PM 01-29-2012
That's two new members from Missouri today! Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
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