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EntropyControlSpecialist 12:17 PM 05-25-2012
I had several parents say that they were keeping their children home on Monday, so I decided to close. I'm so excited for a 3 day weekend ... I could really use it.

Is anyone else taking a 3 day/4 day weekend?
Blackcat31 12:31 PM 05-25-2012
Absolutely!!...but for me it is a paid day off so even nicer!
EntropyControlSpecialist 12:33 PM 05-25-2012
Mine is as well.
Meeko 12:55 PM 05-25-2012
Paid holiday for me! My husband and son and I are going to relax!

My daughters are in the UK until the middle of next month. I miss them, but they're having a great time and life sure is quieter in our house without two teenage girls!
MyAngels 12:58 PM 05-25-2012
Memorial Day = Paid Holiday for me, too. Plus my birthday is next week so I'm going to celebrate that with the family on Monday as well
sharlan 01:10 PM 05-25-2012
Paid holiday for me, too. My kids are going to Palm Springs for the weekend so they won't be home. Plus, it's my birthday. That's a triple. YEAH!
Blackcat31 01:17 PM 05-25-2012
Originally Posted by sharlan:
Paid holiday for me, too. My kids are going to Palm Springs for the weekend so they won't be home. Plus, it's my birthday. That's a triple. YEAH!
Breezy 01:18 PM 05-25-2012
Happy Birthday Sharlan! I have a 4 day weekend (I think- DCM still hasn't given me her schedule) But, I am watching itty bitty DCB on Sat so mom can get her hair done!

Today we are going to lunch and then to the mall, babies r us, and target (this was ALL DH's idea!!!) and tomorrow after DCB goes home I have an interview with a military family needing FT care, Sunday DH expressed an interest in going to the zoo!
Kiki 01:42 PM 05-25-2012
Paid holiday for me as well, and DH! I can't wait to have 3 days of..nothing..

And Happy Birthday Sharlan!
Sunchimes 02:09 PM 05-25-2012
Frowny face. I'm working Saturday and Monday. I have to close Thursday/Friday because my husband is having surgery for prostate cancer. I didn't feel like I could close on Monday too. But, it's just 5 hours and she's my really easy kid. The others are on vacation all week.

Maybe next year.

For the rest, have a wonderful holiday!!
MarinaVanessa 02:13 PM 05-25-2012
Paid holiday for me as well!! Too bad I'm spending it by putting together votive candles, printing programs, making table numbers, tying bows onto bubble containers, wrapping tulle and flowers over christmas lights, printing name cards etc. for the wedding. Not exactly a vacation, or even a stay-cation
SilverSabre25 02:24 PM 05-25-2012
Looks like I get a 3-day as well, although really, I would rather not because it's the result of one dcm being in the hospital for emergency surgery and now a blood infection.
jokalima 02:30 PM 05-25-2012
Paid holiday for me as well
momma2girls 05:04 PM 05-25-2012
Paid Holiday for me also!! I can't wait!!
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