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cillybean83 10:15 AM 01-14-2011
That lawyer still hasn't sent me the email letter, and I just got my mail and there was nothing in there either. I looked him up, he's a legit lawyer, very young, just a few years out of law school...I would really like to get this stuff taken care of next week so I can avoid filing on the 24th. I discussed it with my husband, and we agreed that if it meant getting our actual money next week as opposed to just a judgement if we went to court, and if it meant avoiding a courtroom altogether, we would be willing to take off half of her late fees. She would then be saving the court cost, which I would pin on her if I had to file, plus about $75 in late fees. I wrote up a memo that I will take with me when/if we meet with the attorney before filing. If she can agree to what I put in the memo, then it will be over, if she can't agree with it. Then we will go to court.
Zoe 10:57 AM 01-14-2011
Is the 24th the date that you are DEFINITELY are going to file? Or are you waiting for the letter before you file? I would hate to think that you're waiting for the lawyer before you file. Who knows when that will be!

Pardon me if I just read your post wrong. I'm just clarifying!

If you're just waiting for the 24th, then I don't blame you at all! Waiting is the worst part of these kind of messes! I like to get things done asap.
cillybean83 11:06 AM 01-14-2011
the 24th was the date I selected to file, because that would be 30 days since dcm got the certified letter requesting payment. if this lawyer can get his act together and set something up for this coming week, maybe we can work it out without going to court.
MyAngels 11:19 AM 01-14-2011
One thing you might consider doing is going to your local courthouse to check to see if other daycare providers have had to file suit to collect payment, and, if they have, how the judges ruled in those cases. I know it can vary widely from district to district. If you're unfamiliar with how the system works the clerk should be able to help you search for the cases you would want to look at.
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