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kendallina 09:42 AM 11-12-2013
How do you keep all of their winter stuff...hats, mittens, scarves, etc. Up until now, I've had a very tight space for all of that, so we usually just put it in our sleeves. But, obviously, it's sometimes wet, so that's not the best way.

In our new house, I have space to set up something a little nicer and less cramped, do you have anything special for organizing their stuff? Do they bring backpacks? Do they each have a cubby? Thanks!
littlemissmuffet 10:03 AM 11-12-2013
I use coat hooks. Each child has a double hook with their photo above their particular hook. I hang ski pants on the lower hook and their jacket and scarf on the top hook. Their mitts and hats go in the sleeve or hood of their jacket. All other spare clothing (extra sweaters, etc) go in their cubby.
heyhun77 10:10 AM 11-12-2013
We put ours in coat sleeves also but when they are wet i use a metal shore organizer that sits on the floor in front of the heater so they can dry
slorey 10:39 AM 11-12-2013
We also put ours in coat sleeves. If they are wet I put them on our drying rack or radiator to dry out.
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