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Daycare and Taxes>Making Improvements To The Home And Yard
athomemommy 09:12 PM 12-03-2011
I am new here sorry if this has already been said

How do you record building a deck? ( would I do a time share %)
How do I record trees and flowers planted?

I am very thankful for this forum and the help it provides!
TomCopeland 01:47 PM 12-04-2011
I assume your deck would be used for both business and personal purposes. Therefore, you must multiply the cost of the deck by your time-space % and then depreciate the result over 39 years.

If the individual trees and flowers cost less than $100, multiply them by your time-space % and deduct them in one year as house maintenance on Form 8829.
llove530 04:55 PM 01-02-2012
How can you deduct flowers/bushes/trees as part of daycare costs??
TomCopeland 05:39 PM 01-02-2012
If these expenses are part of your land improvement project, you should depreciate them over 15 years. You can then use the 100% bonus depreciation rule and deduct the business portion in one year.
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