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Unregistered 10:09 AM 02-10-2012
We had to replace 2 windows this year in the 100% day care area of our home. It was not by choice and they were only about 8 years old. Problem was the previous owner installed them improperly and they have been leaking. We called a window company to fix them and they said that it wasn't even the correct window for the space and so they had to be replaced as well as fixing some interior issues where water had been and some (luckily) light mold. I am classifying this as a home repair and maintenence issue. Am I correct??
TomCopeland 12:11 PM 02-10-2012
Yes, claim this as a home repair. Deduct 100% since it's in your exclusive use room.
Tags:deduction - home improvement, maintenance
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