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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Have You Spent On Remodeling for A New Day Care
jules 07:31 PM 01-10-2015
I am trying to opening a day care in Eastern Pa. My biggest concern is the costs of remodeling. I might have to get funding somehow for that. The spaces I am looking at are around 3000 square feet. They are mostly open so I would have to put up walls. I would have to put in a kitchen and 1 or 2 more bathrooms.

I know the costs vary by area. I just wanted to get an idea of what everyone has spent in remodeling for a new day care.

Also, I wanted to know if there was anyone in Eastern Pa who helps and/or does consulting for people wanting to open a day care.
Controlled Chaos 07:44 PM 01-10-2015
It sounds like you are opening a center, is that right? I have my daycare in my basement. I spent $500 I think on painting the room, building a changing table into the bathroom, buying new tables, chairs, bookshelf, CO2 detector, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers etc. My biggest expense was a $4500 fence (ours fell down ). We had to put half of it on a credit card which I hated, but we couldnt get licensed without the fence. Other than that we used savings.

I imagine there a small business loans you could look into.
NoMoreJuice! 08:54 PM 01-10-2015
My husband and I have our own plumbing business, and just to run new water and sewer lines for a kitchen and a bathroom would be about 4,000 depending on how much line you needed. That includes busting out concrete, setting pipes, and replacing the concrete, then waiting for another crew to take care of wall placement and sheetrock, cabinet crews in the kitchen, then he can hook up sink lines, dishwasher lines, etc, and set toilets and vanities in the bathrooms and it would be another thousand or two, depending on how long it takes, how many toilets, etc. You're talking a lot of man hours, unless you are pretty handy and can do a lot yourself.

It is almost always better (cheaper, easier, faster) to find an established place than to reno yourself. Good luck though, and if you have any plumbing questions, send them my way and I'll try to help!
jules 06:06 AM 01-15-2015
thanks, that helps knowing the costs of installing the plumbing
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