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Unregistered 03:44 PM 06-25-2021
I realize there is a sticky post about biting. However, there is little info about infants

We just moved our little guy, 7 months old, to a more upscale day care, trying to get more good stuff for him. It's just 4 days in and he comes back with 7 bite marks on his hands. The teachers told my wife he was biting himself which I thought was a lie but let it go. Then in the morning I found bite marks on the back of his legs so it's a clear lie. I don't understand and trust liars. Had wife talk to director about bites, not lies.

Then today, very next day, only 5 days in to new facility and we get a note that he dropped a toy on his head and has a big red whelt. They send us a photo of it along with the note through kinder care app. He dropped toy that heavy?

Not sure what to do

Is this biting normal at this age?
What about the lying?
What about lies days in a row
What about 7 bites and not 1 and stopping it?

Want to go back to old daycare. Wife says not sure as wants new one and perks. Need serious thought from people, very concerned
Cat Herder 06:46 AM 06-26-2021
"Upscale" is just window washing. Don't always assume that means better care as you have just learned.

At seven months old, no other child would have access to your child, here. I can't even imagine a scenario where a child that young could be injured unless I was tossing him in with one and two year olds, unsupervised. It makes no sense at all to me and I have been a childcare provider for over 25 years, now.

I would get him out of there, yesterday. I would also file a report of supervision concerns with state licensing. This stuff should never happen in an infant room. There is a serious staffing issue going on.
Blackcat31 06:35 AM 06-29-2021
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
"Upscale" is just window washing. Don't always assume that means better care as you have just learned.
YES!! I can not state that enough to people.
rosieteddy 03:45 PM 06-30-2021
Go with your gut .Don't take a chance.
lblanke 06:57 PM 07-09-2021
I would already be gone.
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