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lpperry 12:31 PM 02-06-2012
About 2 months ago, I found a chart that stated each individual state and gave the following information: how many children a home daycare could be licensed for with a certain number of staff, if the providers own children are included in the count, and license exempt info. There was more information too.

I have looked all over online and have no idea how I found this webpage. Has anyone seen this webpage and could you direct me back to it? It was very interesting seeing the different rules of each state.
Blackcat31 01:12 PM 02-06-2012
I am not 100% sure what you mean but I was given this site awhile ago and if you scroll down to page 14, it has a chart with similar info.
lpperry 01:52 PM 02-06-2012
No, not that. It was for home daycares. It wasn't really ratios as much as information about how many kids each state could be licensed for. It gave the ages too, like how many under 2 years old, etc. It also gave if your own kids are counted in the number.
lpperry 06:43 PM 02-06-2012
Finally found it! It was in too!

Here is the link if anyone is interested
HOMEHELPERS2010 04:45 AM 02-07-2012
Thank you for posting this!!!
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