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keisha632 06:33 AM 02-08-2010
I'm an Early Childhood Care and Education student and one of my assissgments for Program Administration is the following: Contact a rural or inner-city child care center director (not a Head Start Center). Inguire about the funding base. Try to find answers to the following questions-
A. How much tuition do parents pay?
B. How much pf the total budget is covered by tuition?
C. What outside funding sources are available to support the program, and how much money is available through those sources?
D. How were outside funds obtained.

Any help with the following questions would be greatly appreciated I didnt know if any of the daycares in my area would be willing to answer these questions by phone.
Michael 09:58 PM 02-09-2010
What state/area are you located?
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