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LostMyMarbles 09:42 AM 01-07-2019
My Brother scanner bit the dust this morning. What scanner do you all recommend for scanning receipts?
LittleExplorers 10:18 AM 01-07-2019
I just got a cannon laser printer scanner copier combo that I love.
284878 07:37 PM 01-09-2019
I got a neat scanner. It is nice but I got an older one so I crashes and CS won't help trouble shoot because of the age of the product.
I like it because it is a feed scanner vs flat bed. I can categorize receipts and create folders to store them in.
LostMyMarbles 02:42 AM 01-10-2019
Thanks to both of you. I was on the phone with Brother for 57 minutes the other day. Uninstalled, reinstalled...and its working. I live that thing. Makes my record keeping easy.
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