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Unregistered 07:44 AM 07-24-2019
I unfortunately will be moving away and had to quit my childcare business. I want to give the parents a small gift and need some ideas?? I have an awesome group and they’ve all been so supportive and wanted to show them I appreciate it. Also any gift ideas for the kids?? We are all a super close it’s been a very sad time for all of us. Thanks!!
knoxmomof2 08:14 AM 07-24-2019
If you have time, a photo book is a great gift! I do one every year at Christmas as my gift to the parents and kids. There's usually a discount code so I pay like $10-12/ book (hard cover, 8x11) on Snapfish. I see one at the top of the page now even. Shutterfly is waay overpriced comparatively. I got an 8x11, soft cover from them for around the same price. The hard covers are much nicer! Lesson learned..

If you have less time or don't want to spend as much, just give the kids a favorite toy or something from the daycare. A nice card for the parents would be fine.
AmyKidsCo 01:34 PM 07-24-2019
Have someone take a photo of you with all of the children, write everyone's names on the back with the year, and put it in a nice frame.
Josiegirl 03:34 AM 07-26-2019
I love all the photo ideas but since I didn't have the knowledge/access to do that when I closed, I bought each child a special book and wrote something in it, then I wrote a card out sharing with each family some of my special memories of their family.
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