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ColorfulLearning 08:05 PM 03-23-2020
Let me know if this isn't allowed. Apologize in advance if it isn't.

A few of us are in a huge fb group that is uncensored so basically not for the extra overly sensitive, no drama but its funny jokes, drama with our parents, just the typical daycare provider stuff lol. So anyways, now that all this coronavirus stuff is going on we thought it would be great if there was a group just like that but for our area as all of the information we have that's posted all day is for all over the US. So anyways, if there are any providers who are on FB and are in Delaware and would like to join a group that is like I said above, then please come on in lol. and share with other providers. It really sucked not receiving information from our officials during this time so it would be really nice to have a group just for us local delawareans. The group is called "The Naughty Corner"
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