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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Does Your Clients Tuition Payment Really Cover?
Cat Herder 11:18 AM 08-16-2011
Each of my clients pay a set Tuition rate.

Most assume that is the cost of "caring" for their child.

We all know that only a fraction of that income really covers our "hands on" care.

Some weeks we barely break even on supplies, utilities, insurance and building costs.

What expenses are actually paid for by their tuition each week at your own daycare? Give as many examples as possible.

I think we will be shocked by the actual answers. Please participate...
MommyMuffin 11:23 AM 08-16-2011
I need every dime I make to feed my family and pay my bills. I will be starting a Pt 2 yo next month and I set aside a little extra like this:
25 month advertising
15 month cleaning supplies
30 month toys
15 education/ license
20 upkeep/repair
wdmmom 11:38 AM 08-16-2011
Based on my 2010 taxes, 78% of my income went to

Supplies (paper towels, paper plates, cups, laundry soap, dishwashing detergent, etc)
and more

of the 22% I had left, it went towards groceries, trips to the bank, car payments, new carpet in the lower level a few date nights, part of our summer vacation trip to Minnesota and Christmas gifts.

This year my income has gone to the same and will soon buy me new tires for my van, a new freezer, and let's not forget...Christmas is 4 months away!
jessrlee 11:43 AM 08-16-2011
$ 100 wk per child
$ 20.50 food prog

$15 per wk food
$ 20 wk building/ utility/ upkeep
$ 10 wk activity/ materials expense

I pay myself a flat salary and pay my assistant and then everything left goes into a savings acct for emergencies or large purchases
Zoe 11:45 AM 08-16-2011
Every cent goes toward bills and living expenses. We are barely making it right now and unfortunately have been struggling for 3 years. We have 150 dollars a week to pay for food, supplies, pet stuff, gas, etc. Anything extra has to go on a credit card. It's awful.

Once I get more kids, I intend to set more aside for just daycare food. I don't really budget for craft supplies or toys because I'm so well stocked that I don't see the need. If I need something, I'll get it then.
MG&Lsmom 11:49 AM 08-16-2011
Because I had small numbers last year, my 2010 taxes showed I made $8 over my expenses. I only deducted for the business percentage for mortgage, gas & electric, standard meal rate, and car expenses relating to transporting 3 days a week to preschool 1 way (21 miles a week). $8. WOW! I'm expecting similar numbers this year because my numbers have been so low, only 2 months where I consistently had days with more than 1 attending.
daycare 12:14 PM 08-16-2011
1. care of child/children
2. taxes
3. cost of upkeep on my home to keep in good condition and DC
4. curriculum
5. insurance
6. cleaning supplies
7. food
8. toys
9. advertising
10. carpet cleaning
11. s*****ing of DC
12. website
13. elec
14. trash
15. Daycare space in the home, mortg.
17. outside landscape maintance
18. cable
19. phone
20. internet
21. field trips
22. extra coverage for vehilce to attend field trips
23. books
24. craft supplies/ curriculum supplies
25. PNO
26. license fees
27. education fees
28. holiday partys
29. birhtday parties for DCK and gifts
30. kitchen supplies, spoons, forks, cups, plates and etc.
31. gas
32. sewer
33. cost of printing for PHB, new letters, contracts
34. covers grocery shopping and shopping for supplies
I am sure that I am forgetting a ton, but I could think of
SilverSabre25 12:20 PM 08-16-2011
Right now, our obligatory expenses each month exceed our income. I'm not kidding; we're in big trouble financially and the daycare income goes to pay bills and put food on the table--just like every penny of DH's income. Things are going to turn around in a couple months, but for now, we're technically not even making it. I have to apply for economic hardship deferments for my student loans and even that might not help quite enough.

On top of it, DH is facing being laid-off December 16th.
momofsix 12:21 PM 08-16-2011
This is a tough week to ask me that...I've gone into the hole getting ready for the back so school routine/set-up/curriculum. Spent about $100 on new storage shelves (closet maid we discussed in another thread!) I just spent another $50 on amazon today for books our library doesn't carry and I really needed. Another $50 @ discount school supply today for science and math manipulatives. Plus random stuff at JoAnn's and Michals this past weekend which added about another $50! I'm still not quite ready either. My daughters and I are headed to Ikea this weekend...most likely at least $100 there!

Usually this time of year is expensive for me and i stock up on as much as I can so I'm not out buying all kinds of things throughout the whole year. Obviously I still have to get some things, but the big things I usually do all at once.

other expenses:
inspections and license
Utilities (would be way lower w/out daycare)
craft supplies-paper, paint, markers, crayons, brushes...
printer paper and ink (a ton!)
sleeping supplies
eating utensils for each child-plates, cups, flatware
laundry soap
paper supplies-paper towel, toilet paper, napkins, wipes
cleaning supplies
fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, co2 alarms
cabinet locks, outlet covers...
diaper changing supplies-pad, cleaning, wipes

sorry I've reapeated things, others type so much faster than I do!
littlemissmuffet 12:36 PM 08-16-2011
43% Housing
17% Utilities
22% Groceries/Household Needs
10% Daycare Needs
6% Savings/Emergency/Medical/Dental/Vacation
2% Cleaning Supplies
AfterSchoolMom 03:31 PM 08-16-2011
About half of mine for each child goes toward:

Daily Snacks
Cleaning Supplies
Art Stuff

The rest I use to buy our own groceries and gas and to pay for my childrens' school needs and lessons. The remainder goes into savings for the summer, since I take that time off.

This breakdown would probably be totally different if I had full time, all day kids.
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