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godiva83 11:02 AM 10-04-2011
Hi all,
Just want to say I was lucky enough to win the contest held by RTWmobile to win a free set up with Google Apps.
I spoke to Ken this morning, set up my own domain (really exciting) and can't wait to start exploring all that it has to offer )
Many of you have PM me for details- so I thought I would make my experience public.
So far so good! Ken seems very professional, organized, and patient. Also, google apps seems like it will do great things for my small business, keeping me organized, professional and giving me the tools to help my small HDC keep up with the times. As Ken teaches me more about google Apps I will update you more on exactly what I can do with it and if it is worth it.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me or write here I will be happy to share my experience and answer questions honestly and with out biases
daycare 11:12 AM 10-04-2011
congrats to you!

Thank you for being so kind to share any info about google apps. While the internet is the way to go these days, it's also very hard to learn to advertise your business via internet if you don't have any clue how to (like me)! I have actually spent the last several days learning how to get my local business up in a google search. So far I have accomplished a few things, but I really have NO clue what I am doing.

Congrats to you, LUCKY WINNER!!
godiva83 11:23 AM 10-04-2011
Thank you- I never win anything lol maybe this is a start for things to come--- waiting on the lotto, this white BMW and free groceries for a year- fingers crossed ha ha
However, to be honest I was a bit nervous of this contest- you can't be too safe these days- but it seems legit and with a big name like Google behind it
I am not the most computer savy, but Ken is doing it step by step and with google apps two ppl or more can look at the same page at the same time so it is easy to get help with it.
I will find out more and let you know
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