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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Require Doctor Notes To Return?
snbauser 11:37 AM 05-02-2012
I have started requiring a doctors note that states a child is cleared to return but only from certain parents. Like today. I noticed about half way through the morning that one of my 4 y/o's has a ring on her upper arm. A very defined red scaley ring. Ad she says it itches. My guess....ringworm. I covered it with a band aid and called Dad. Told him she needs to be seen by a doctor to confirm and get treatment which I think is just an anti-fungal cream before she can come back. His response? Oh, you want a note from the doctor? Yes, I do. This is one of those parents that I want to know for sure that they actually took her in.
Ariana 11:41 AM 05-02-2012
I do...for unknown rashes especially. My contract states that they cannot return to daycare until the rash is gone or there is a DR's note saying it is not contagious. I suspected a child of having 5ths disease at one point but the DR confirmed it wasn't and she returned to care.
MarinaVanessa 11:49 AM 05-02-2012
Yes I require a Dr's note before a child can come back if they present a rash BUT I take the note, the diagnosis and the child's behavior into account and I make my own decision based on that. A Dr's note doesn't automatically get you back into DC.
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