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Sunshine75 02:12 PM 01-22-2014
This is just one of those days so another thread for me! My youngest boy here is 11 mos. This morning mom dropped him off and said he "spit up" in his bed last night and to call her if he spits up here. Day was going well, no issues, no fever. He spit up a tiny bit this afternoon. Cleaned the spot up and went on. Proceeded to give him his bottle before nap time for BOTH little ones. Gets 4 ozs down, starts gagging and next thing I know vomit is everywhere. On me, on him, on my furniture and it looks like the last two days worth of food. Clean him up, me up, furniture and floor up and by this time nap time is 20 minutes late. He has done this one time before and I did nothing but this time I called Mom and told her through vm that I was putting him down for nap but that tomorrow he cannot come. She has told me her other son did this during teething and he does not have a temp but not sure what to do?? I don't want to deal with throw up but at the same time I know tomorrow he will be fine. Have any of you experienced this type of thing without a fever but maybe from teething? What would you do? Also, I should add that mom is really pushing adult food. I do not think he's ready. He shovels it all in and never chews any of it. Multiple times now he has started gagging due to not being able to chew harder foods such as diced steamed carrots and lunchmeat. Would you advise telling Mom we need to stick to 3rd level baby foods for now until he is older. I think that may be part of the problem is his food isn't getting digested right.
Tags:infectious teething, vomiting
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