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Daycare and Taxes>Tom Please Help..Desperate
twinsand4 06:57 PM 02-08-2011
Ok so I moved in June. I did 2 8829's (im using TT), it asks me the question estimate the percentage of time you spend conducting business in this home office (as opposed ot anther office).

I would think you would put 100% but it wont let me put that on both forms, it tells me the number is to large. This is new I went back and looked on my 2009 taxes and I guess it did this automatically. It doesntmatter what I change thenumbers too it doesnt change the amount of my refund. Im so confused.
TomCopeland 09:54 PM 02-08-2011
I'm guessing here at what is happening -

You can't work more than the total number of hours in the year, so it may be asking you how many hours you spent on your business in each home. You may have 1,000 hours for one home and 2,000 hours for another home. Since this is the hours you are working, they can't add up to 100% of the year (8760 hours).

You may have a space percent of 100% for both homes if you used all of the rooms in each home on a regular basis for the months you were in each home.

If you give me more info as to what numbers you are entering where, I may be able to help further.

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twinsand4 03:46 AM 02-09-2011
the way I did it was like this
House #1
total hours worked 1440
totalhours available 4380 ( I did 1/2 the year b/c it was july 1 when we moved)

House #2
total hour worked 1080
totalhours available 4380
twinsand4 05:31 AM 02-09-2011
Im feeling like maybe its treating it like I have 2 home offices not like I had my business and then moved to another location but for the life of me I cant figure out how to change that.
twinsand4 08:24 AM 02-09-2011
I just got off the phone with turbo tax and they are looking into it but they said I probably have to put 50% on each home since I basically ran the business 6 months at one house and 6 months at the other.

what the question is really asking is what percentage of time you spent conducting busness in this home office (as opposed to other locations).It also says that most people can put 100% if they have no other place they do business.

So the way I read it is I do 100% of my business in my home. So at each house it was 100%. but TT wont let me put 100% at each one.
TomCopeland 10:08 AM 02-09-2011
Yeah, the problem is that Turbo Tax is asking the question to determine if you can claim a home office deduction in the first place. This doesn't apply to family child care. Therefore, if you put 100% for each home the software thinks you are working 100% of the time in both homes - not possible. I imagine if you enter 50% for each home then you can get beyond this question and enter your numbers for your business.
twinsand4 11:51 AM 02-09-2011
Ok I thnk your right.
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