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Abigail 10:07 PM 07-27-2010
Do you require parents to supply anything for their children upon enrollment and/or annually? Do you charge a deposit to buy supplies needed in bulk instead?

On our Kindergarten school supply list this year, we have things like paper towels, tissues, lysol wipes, zip-lock bags, beach towel for naps, etc. and also a long list of the standard school supplies required. This just sparked my question about daycares if schools require it. Thanks!
melskids 03:02 AM 07-28-2010
my parents are required to supply any of their childs personal needs, like diapers and wipes, lotions, etc. but anything for the "business" use, such as art supplies, paper towels, tissues, lysol, etc, are figured right into the tuition, and are deducted on my taxes as a business expense. i dont charge a seperate fee for these things.
MarinaVanessa 07:16 AM 07-28-2010
Ditto here too.
Preschool/daycare teacher 05:35 PM 07-28-2010
This year I'm asking the parents to get some preschool supplies like glue, scissors, markers, etc. but we supply some ourselves.
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