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Mamabear2011 10:04 AM 01-31-2020
I recently was going to be starting my daughter at a new daycare, before starting you were supposed to make a $250 deposit along with prepaying the first week. I did all this when I picked up the contract and all the paperwork. I received the contract after, dumb on my part for paying before reading it, but I did not sign anything saying that I agreed to her contract. I signed a paper that stated my daughter's name, the days and times that she would be there, no dates on it or nothing else. She then blocked me on social media (I have a screenshot that says I was not able to message her) and my phone number the day before my daughter was supposed to start care after I told her that I would only be there for the 4 weeks that she needed for notice, to give her the benefit of the doubt that she does run a business, even though I did not sign saying I agreed with her contract. Since she completely blocked me, I called my bank to have my money reversed since I received no reason or notice that she was not going to be taking my daughter. She then unblocked me to tell me that I owe her $150 dollars for the fees that I have incurred for stopping payments and care, which I never stopped care she did by making it so I could not contact her. I wasn't going to show up at her house with my daughter and leave her there when she had made me unable to reach her. Any advice?
Cat Herder 10:09 AM 01-31-2020
Did you pay the deposit by check or autodraft?

What does the contract say about deposits?

How long did the provider hold the slot for you?
Mamabear2011 11:18 AM 01-31-2020
She uses quickbooks so it was a debit card. She held the spot for 1 week. When talking to a couple other moms in the area, found out she had taken a deposit for another infant when she is licensed for one infant. She took the other deposit for that infant 1 day after she took mine.
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