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Gah_Girl 05:11 PM 02-23-2011
How do I do it? I don't know much about kids under 6th grade. I need to plan the language arts curriculum and come up with a few activities.

Are age/grade differences significant in this range? How much can the curriculum overlap between levels?

Can you suggest curriculum ideas for a summer program or how to do a curriculum for that time period and those levels?

Do you teachsubjects beyond langauges and math or just do activities?
Nu2biz 01:01 PM 05-20-2011
Hello.. Ok so I'm still new to the DC buz but, last summer I had my 7 year old and a 3 year old dck. I did a few different themes.. Ocean, Space, a Beach theme and Camping. I did letters and numbers along with crafts. This year not abc's or 123's. The two of them had a lot of fun. At the end of each theme/month I had my son (8 yr) write a story rated to the theme. Hope this helps! oh I found a neat site that may help it's free and hasesson plans and work sheets for various ages...
DCnewin11 02:14 PM 06-14-2011
I think it is great to have the older kids involved in leading the activities for the younger kids as mentioned above. One, it solidifies their understanding of basic principles, and two, it teaches them how to lead. This will increasingly improve their leadership, preparation and ability to speak in front of others.

One fun thing that I did was even put together a little packet for the kids that would be away on family vacations. It seems to make their transition back to the group a lot easier. And the parents seemed to appreciate the gift.
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