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Unregistered 09:45 AM 04-18-2018
I am possibly closing in the fall to take an elementary teaching position. It's not final yet and I wasn't planning on telling my DCPs until June so that they might stick with me through the summer. One DCP was asking me about enrolling new kids in August - she has a friend with a kid who needs care. I told her I wasn't sure if I would be enrolling at that time and she asked why. I told her about the possibility of a teaching position. She was so sweet about it - excited for me, wished me luck, said they would definitely stay until the very last minute (they are very happy with the care their kids get here and are very vocal about that). I guess her husband wasn't as happy. He was mad and told another family about it because "they deserved to know".
Now I have to tell this second family the whole story as well and cross my fingers that they will stay with me through the summer. I should have just kept my mouth shut about it like I had planned, but I'm too nice to just pretend that I am looking for new kids.
How would you handle things with the upset dad and the second family? Can I just ignore the fact that he spilled the beans and not say anything until it's for sure? Or do I need to address it now since they are probably wondering what's going on?
BTW - I am a member but I can't seem to remember my username and password. My computer used to fill it in for me, but it wouldn't do it today.