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broncomom1973 10:16 AM 11-27-2010
Just curious what you will take off this Christmas since Christmas Eve falls on a Friday and Christmas Day on a Saturday. I guess according to my contract, I really can take off Monday this year too since my contract says I am off Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the 26th of December, which are all paid. Last year (my first year doing daycare), I really jipped myself because even though my contract says Im off Christmas Eve, I felt bad for the parents and opened half a day. I tried to prepare a huge dinner while I had daycare kids here. We celebrated with family late that afternoon, so I had to get my turkey going and all of the sides and I was soooo mad at myself for not just closing down. I dont take any paid days off other than holidays, so if I dont close on the 27th, that is really 2 paid days that I normally have (25th and 26th) that I will not get. Does that make sense? I suppose I better talk to my parents on Monday and let them know how it will work this year since things fall on a weekend. How do your policies work?
AfterSchoolMom 10:37 AM 11-27-2010
Would it be out of the question to take off Thursday, Friday, and Monday, or Friday, Monday, and Tuesday?
Crystal 10:47 AM 11-27-2010
I am closed Thursday, Friday and of course the weekend. I put out my holiday closure schedule for the entire year in January, so my parents have plenty of notice that I will be closed, and it is in my contract that if holidays fall on the weekend, days around the weekend will be used as alternative holiday closures.

If you haven't already told the parents you will be closed on days besides the weekend since it falls on the weekend, you might end up not being able to close with short notice. I'd still ask them though. They may be totally supportive of it (and they should) I hope you get the days off, you deserve them and you should put it in your contract so that there is no question next year.
broncomom1973 12:37 PM 11-27-2010
Well, it is in my contract so I should be OK there. They had to sign it when they started here, so it's not like it wasnt mentioned (or shown) to them. It's just that I didnt follow it last year because I "felt bad". I stayed open when I didnt need to since I didnt want to put them in a bind. Also, my contract states that I will give them 4 weeks notice, so I can email them today and that should be sufficient. I have been pretty lenient with them if they need to drop off early or pick up late etc., so I dont expect too much friction from them for falling a day or 2 short of 4 weeks notice. I think I will plan on Friday the 24th, and Monday the 26th (meaning I will lose 1 paid day since Christmas is on Sat.) but that way I wont cause them to be in too big of a bind. I was just curious as to what others do when holidays fall like this. How about New Years Eve and New Years? Are you off or do you work New Years Eve? Thanks.
Crystal 02:19 PM 11-27-2010
I am off New Year's Eve, but not usually. Only this year because the 1st is on a weekend.
momma2girls 03:07 PM 11-28-2010
When I looked onto the next yr.'s calendar, I seen Fri. and Sat. was Xmas eve and Xmas day. I placed this into my contract, that if it happens to fall this way- Fri. and Sat. as the Holidays, then I will receive Thurs. off paid as well.
DanceMom 03:34 PM 11-28-2010
Per my contract I close every Christmas Eve and Day - anytime a holiday falls on a saturday I am closed Friday and if it falls on a Sunday I am closed Monday - for this year since I am already closed on Friday for Eve - I am closing Monday too.
CKSher 05:36 PM 11-28-2010
I have in my contract that I am closed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Years day (4 paid days) This year I decided to take the Weds-Fri before Christmas off (winter break) and New Year's Eve off. It sounds like a lot, but really it is still 4 days off just as I have taken in the past. So far none of my parents have complained, but even if they did they have known about it since last January, so they have had almost a year to prepare.
marniewon 04:50 AM 11-29-2010
I've been struggling with how to handle the holidays this year too. I have in my handbook that is holiday falls on Saturday, i get Friday off and if holiday falls on sunday, I get Monday off, but wasn't sure how to handle it since Christmas Eve was on a Friday.

After reading everyone's responses, I realized that I don't take Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve off as paid, so I will just close both of those Fridays with pay (for the actual holiday that falls on Saturday).
MarinaVanessa 06:16 AM 11-29-2010
I ahve it in my contract that if a hoilday falls on a saturday I get Friday off and if it falls on a sunday then I get Monday off but because we celebrate christmas on christmas eve in my family and not really christmas (which falls on saturday this year) I've decided not to close that following monday afterall.

Also since I have the new baby we aren't making plans to celebrate new year's and so I won't be closing Friday the 31st or that following Monday. I just don't see the need since we'll be home anyway and aren't going anywhere. Unless I have plans for the holiday I don't close.
Daycare_Mama 06:37 PM 11-29-2010
Based on what you described, you shouldn't have to lose a day of pay as you mentioned.
You said that you have in your contract that you have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Dec. 26th off with pay.

In theory as others have mentioned (this is what I do), you get a weekday off in substitution for a paid day off that falls on a weekend.

So, for this year Christmas Eve is on Friday, so you get that off (with pay). And your other paid holidays you took off (25th&26th) fall on a weekend, so you can add that either Monday & Tuesday or Thursday and Monday.

Basically, you take off holidays with paid for the purpose of getting a PAID WEEKDAY OFF. It's not your fault the holiday falls on a weekend. If the 24th, 25th, and 26th were on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this year, you'd have off from Wednesday - Sunday. It shouldn't be any different because the holidays are on a weekend.

You should get either Thursday, Friday & Monday off with pay or Friday, Monday & Tuesday off with pay!

You deserve it and you shouldn't have to feel bad or justify it. Just explain how it works if your paid days off fall on a weekend.

Sorry I rambled a lot!! I just think based on what you said, you should get 3 paid weekdays off and you just have to decide how you're going to arrange those around the weekend!
laundrymom 03:38 AM 11-30-2010
This is one advantage to giving an annual. Holiday schedule. I decide in august what days I take off. I set the days then that gives them plenty of time to plan. I would think that being 4 weeks out is kind of short notice of closing. I would decide now and let them know today. Personally I have no set " if holiday falls on Thursday or Friday I take Friday or if it's Sunday I take Monday. I just give them the schedule in august of when I'm taking off
CKSher 04:35 AM 11-30-2010
I do the same as laundrymom. I don't take set days off every year, but I do plan far in advance so my parents know way ahead of time. I usually hand out my schedule for the year in January. I also agree that just becuase the Holiday falls on a weekend doesn't mean you should miss out on some well deserved well earned time off to enjoy with your family!
legomom922 04:42 AM 11-30-2010
Originally Posted by DanceMom:
Per my contract I close every Christmas Eve and Day - anytime a holiday falls on a saturday I am closed Friday and if it falls on a Sunday I am closed Monday - for this year since I am already closed on Friday for Eve - I am closing Monday too.
Same here..Besides, I really like the time AFTER Christmas off. I am also considering closing the week after after Christmas.

I also close early on New years Eve at 3pm.
Lilbutterflie 06:05 AM 11-30-2010
I have in my contract that I take Christmas Eve and Christmas off, and if a holiday falls on a Saturday it would be taken on Friday, if holiday is on a Sunday it will be taken on Monday. Since Christmas is on Saturday, I am taking Thurs & Fri off & have notified the parents. I don't take New Years Eve off b/c we've never done much to celebrate, but I have it off this year since New Years is on Saturday!
happykidschildcare 05:56 PM 12-06-2010
I only count christmas day and usually close a lil early christmas eve, but this year since it falls on a saturday Im closing christmas eve paid of course. I try and be fair alot of parents dont get te extra time off with pay.
Cedar 12:48 PM 12-07-2010
I have made my Christmas holidays Dec 22 - Jan 2nd EVERY year. I am closed with pay. It gives the parents advance notice of when I am closed so they can make arrangements in advance each year. This gives me a nice break with my own family and the time I need to recharge my energy! I just had my parents sign a new contract with this in their and said that if it isn't a fit for them they need to give me a months notice and I will fill their space with someone that the time off will work for. All 5 families stayed on full time knowing I am closed.
Good luck! I hope you get the time off you deserve!!
nannyde 02:22 PM 12-07-2010
We close from December 17th and reopen January 3rd this year.
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