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SilverSabre25 04:32 PM 02-12-2011
What do you ask at interviews? I hate 'em and I feel like I've asked this before...I need to have a good list of questions to ask. Do you ask things about the child's eating, sleeping, etc, things you'll need to know if you get/take the child, do you ask about their prior care history, why they are needing a new provider, stuff like that? Do you have a set list or do you wing it each time?
Abigail 12:05 AM 02-13-2011
I can't wait to hear other responses. I recently learned that having a list of "what would you do in this scenario" for behavioral issues is good to have on paper for the parent to look at and respond. This way you can see if you "click" and agree on behavioral guidance and it would also give them a sense that you really do care.
Michael 12:51 AM 02-13-2011
This previous post may be of some help:
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