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TickleMonster 10:49 AM 09-29-2014
We created these cute fall trees today. I drew the trunks and cut out the leaves from sticky foam. The kids enjoyed coloring the pictures and sticking the leaves on. We counted the leaves and talked about the three main fall colors. Even came up with a cute fall color poem that the kids help me recite while we point to the correct colors. What crafts do you like to do for fall or Halloween?
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SignMeUp 11:14 AM 09-29-2014
Someone here posted a Pinterest link, where I found a great apple tree craft:
Trace each child's arm (tree trunk) and hand with fingers spread widely (fingers are branches). Cut one big green leafy shape and glue hands on top. Use red paint or ink to make fingerprint apples.
It's adorable, sensory, personalized.

Thanks, whoever you are
melilley 11:57 AM 09-29-2014
This is something we have been working on.
I like to do wall collages with all of their work over a couple of weeks or months, depending on what we do.
This pic is of our fall collage. One week we did a theme on vehicles and drove play cars through brown paint and put coffee grounds in the paint for dirt. That is what you see at the bottom of the tree.
Then another week we mailed apples for our apple theme.
Last week we painted fall "leaves" on paper towel rolls for our fall theme. Then I just put it all on the wall.
We will add pumpkins and probably a few other things as the weeks go by.

Then in the winter, we will replace the wall mural with something winter themed.
melilley 11:58 AM 09-29-2014
Ok, I uploaded a pic and it didn't show up. I'll try again.
melilley 12:01 PM 09-29-2014
Originally Posted by melilley:
Ok, I uploaded a pic and it didn't show up. I'll try again.
Here it is:
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