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Indoorvoice 05:26 AM 02-22-2016
I'm having trouble figuring out what to say to families. I'm going to be temporarily closing this summer to have a baby and I only want to invite one family back in the fall. They're teachers so me closing for the summer won't affect them. One is already looking for new care because she's pregnant and I can't take her baby due to ratios, and one I'm sure I'll lose because she's not a teacher and can't take the whole summer off. I don't care if that one wants to come back, but I'm pretty sure she won't. The other one I'm not inviting back. I'm ready to cut ties and this is a good excuse. The problem is, how do I tell everyone "I'm closing temporarily and only one of you can come back?" Do I just tell the one I really don't want back that her care is terminated? It's a small town and she'll know I reopened. Do I tell them I'm downsizing and tell the one I want to keep separately that she can stay? Help!
DaveA 05:35 AM 02-22-2016
To the ones you won't be inviting back tell them something like "I am closing for your maternity leave. When I reopen the program will be changing and I realize it will not be a good fit for your needs. I don't want to put you in a position of having to find alternative care quickly, so I wanted to give you as much notice as possible that I will not be providing care upon my return. I thank you for your business, and I wish you and your family quick success finding a new provider."
Ariana 09:54 AM 02-22-2016
I would let everyone know that I am remaining closed until further notice. I would then tell the family that I wanted to come back that I am considering reopening in Septemeber and would they be interested in the spot at that time. Explaint to them that you want to keep your ratios low so toy weren't anle to offer the spot to everyone. If it's a small town people will talk but it isn't your concern. Your business, your rules.
laundrymom 10:10 AM 02-22-2016
Dear families, I appreciate the time I've been able to spend with your children but I've decided to take the summer off. I wanted to give you as much notice as possible to find a new provider. You're welcome to contact me near the end of summer to get an update on my availability for next school year but I am not sure how many children I will be taking. Thank you,
Pleasant provider.
Unregistered 11:38 AM 02-22-2016
Dear Daycare Family,
I will be closing the daycare down for at least (number of months). When and if I reopen there will be some major restructuring changes as a result I will not be able to offer care to your family effective enter date. I hope you understand and hope this notice gives you plenty of oppurtunity to find care elsewhere.

Daycare provider
Indoorvoice 02:26 PM 02-23-2016
Thanks to all of you! I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn't get the words to flow nicely. Thank you!
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