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mrsp'slilpeeps 08:41 AM 08-16-2011
So as most of you know I have a DCM with the 2 boys that are leaving on thursday.

They are schedualed to come on Mon, thurs, and fridays.
My other set of siblings are schedualed to come on tues, and wed.
My other dcb is schedualed for tues and wed aswell.
Then I have my own 2 kids everyday for the summer.

I have it worked out everday that i never have more than 6 kids a day.
I am not a licensed dayhome, I dont have to be in Canada.

Termed DCM switched her schedual and on me and brought her kids today, then proceeded to asked me who else was coming today. I cant lie cause they will all be here at pickup.

Her demeaner is different today and the way she asked me then added up all the kids that were going to be in my house (7) she said, I feel like she is gonna cause some trouble today.

I called my hubby and told him what she said and he said he will be home after work as soon as he can be.

She still has not paid me for last week, and she said she would pay me today, so I took the kids so i could get paid.

Would you be worried?
Michelle 08:46 AM 08-16-2011
I would tell her cash in hand at drop off!
Then get grandma or a friend to come pick up one of yours so you won't be over.
Then tell her she messed up your numbers by coming on a day that wasn't hers and you had to scramble to make it work for her and that you need to be paid up front for now on!
SilverSabre25 08:50 AM 08-16-2011
Are you legally limited to 6? I couldn't tell from your post. If you're not, then you have nothing to worry about. If so, then get one of your own kids out of there ASAP if you can.

What trouble are you worried she'll cause?
sharlan 08:53 AM 08-16-2011
I would send yours away for the day, to a family member, friend, neighbor, etc so that you are not over capacity.

Definitely have some backup if you expect her to cause some trouble.

If she doesn't have cash in hand today, tell her you will be visiting her in small claims court. (You do have a contract, don't you?)
Meeko 08:55 AM 08-16-2011
You can't afford to put a foot wrong if she is looking for something to call the authorities on. I agree with the above poster. Get you own kids off to someone else today, so you are not over numbers legally.

In all honesty, you should have turned her away at the door.

No money = no care

...ESPECIALLY on a non-contracted day. Even if she was up to date, you should have turned her away.
wdmmom 08:59 AM 08-16-2011
They still come Thursday this week?

No money in hand tonight at pick-up, no care on Thursday.

Send a certified letter out on Friday stating the amount due and that she has 5 business days to pay it in full including a late fee.

Failure to pay will result in legal action.

From everything I know, it's not hard to prove the parent owes for daycare and judges don't tolerate disgruntled parents. We did our job and we get paid. So, if you do pursue small claims court, it will only end up costing her more and then you can have her wages garnished to get paid! Seems like a win/win solution!
Meyou 09:00 AM 08-16-2011
I'm afraid you shouldn't have let termed Mom drop off on a day you didn't have room. If she reports you they will investigate and want the names of all children and families you provide care for and probably just warn you about your numbers. But they will drop in and count the kids from time to time as well. Unliscensed providers in Canada still fall under the Daycare Act.

I'm not sure what to tell you about getting termed Mom to pay up.

Silver, in Canada you can operate a dayhome without a liscense providing that there are no more than 6 children under 12 in the home at any time including your own. You can't have more than 3 under 2 either. You can have up to 8 per day (including your own) as long as they are all school aged.
Unregistered 10:40 AM 08-16-2011
Private day homes in Alberta can have 6 kids not including their own in care. If you are with an agency it is different.
snowball 12:01 PM 08-16-2011
In Alberta if you are not with an agency you are allowed to have 6 kids NOT including your own.

If you are with an agency you can only have 6 including your own and then you must also follow ago ratios. Being private there are no age ratios.
mrsp'slilpeeps 12:38 PM 08-16-2011
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Private day homes in Alberta can have 6 kids not including their own in care. If you are with an agency it is different.
I am not with an agency whatsoever! I am totally private. All the parents know this.

Where do I find this info?

I have 5 dayhome kids total. 2 of my own. By thursday I will be back down to 3 dck's.
All of my kids are part time and here 2-3 days a week.
I have always worked out the scheduals so that i have no more than 6 a day.
snowball 05:09 PM 08-16-2011
I pm'ed you the info.
sharlan 08:10 AM 08-17-2011
How did it work out yesterday?
mrsp'slilpeeps 01:02 PM 08-17-2011
It worked out fine.
2 yo dcb left early so I went back to 6 kids before the other dcm came to pick up her mouth piece's.

Thank you snowball for the info. Much needed!
Meyou 01:13 PM 08-17-2011
Sorry for the incorrect info in my post above. In NS it's 6 including your own and I thought all provinces were the same.
wdmmom 02:13 PM 08-17-2011
Is there a follow up to this? Did she pay you?
mrsp'slilpeeps 09:53 AM 08-18-2011
Sorry for not updating!! Been really busy trying to get ready for our vacation.

So yes DCM finally paid me in full this morning, today is the 2 dcb's last day, (thank goodness).
I find that he (the 4yo) has been really mean the last 2 days, so it's definatley the best decision she has ever made.

Looking forward to seeing my dad take his grandchildren fishing for the first time.

11 days off with the family, then when we get home, the kids will start school.

And I will be starting fresh with the 3 remaining dck's and will be getting a new infant in October. She paid me in advance AND signed the contract aswell.
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