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Daycare Menus, Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Ideas>Minute Menu Meal Schedule??
KnoxMom 04:21 PM 05-17-2013
Okay, so my meal schedule isn't always matching up with the time that we actually eat snack some days. Lunch is almost ALWAYS on schedule at 11:30 AM but breakfast depends on which parents are running early/late and afternoon snack depends on how hard they play outside, who skimped on breakfast, etc.

Anywho, my questions are..

What times do you enter into your meal schedule tab for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks? How long do you allow for each meal?

If you deviate, do you reflect the change in the system?

Has your food program rep ever dropped in at a scheduled meal time and you'd already eaten that meal early that day or are running late? Did it affect your visit??

I might be over-analyzing, but it seems the warmer it is the hungrier the kids get and I can easily get a little off schedule (timer and all!)


P.S. I DID try to search this question but there were so many threads on Minute Menu I got lost in the sea of topics!
melilley 04:36 PM 05-17-2013
Here, we have to have a meeting with the food prog. rep and I had to tell her my meal times and she said if I wanted to change them that I had to call her to do so. Honestly though, I have served a little later than the time that I'm supposed to, but I still count it.
My food rep has come once during snack, but she called first to tell me she was coming! She said that they are supposed to just come but she tries to call first.
I hate that we have to have times! I wish they just had a block of time that they set and we could count it if we served in that time.
My breakfast is 7:00-8:00
am snack is 9:15-9:45
Lunch is 11:30-12:30
Pm snack 3:15-3:30 and 4:30-4:45(in case I ever have any SA kids)
I try to follow my schedule and am usually on, but the pm snack is the hard one. Sometimes they sleep longer.
I do however tell the the parents to be here by 8 for breakfast, although sometimes I give it to them anyways and don't count it because I feel bad and it's not the child's fault that their parents are running late-I'm a
snbauser 07:32 PM 05-17-2013
My food program rep allows us to put a time window up to I think an hour. As long as we don't serve before the start of the window or the end of the window, we are okay. So my lunch is listed as 12-1. We usually aim to sit right about noon but if we are running late then as long as I serve it before 1:00 I am fine. Here our reps have to see us serve the food if they are doing a "point of service" visit. So as long as I don't serve it before 12:00 I am fine. They know my window and expect that if they show after 12:00 the kids may already have food in front of them.
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