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TwinMama 01:47 PM 02-16-2015
What's cookin' this week at your daycare?
Unregistered 02:44 PM 02-16-2015
Homemade chicken vegetable casserole topped with homemade garlic cheese biscuits
Starburst 06:41 PM 02-16-2015
That's one of the things I'm dreading about daycare, planning meals. I'm not much of a cook and I plan on doing food program (I also want to try to avoid high allergy foods like peanut butter, which could be hard to maintain if the other kids bring their own food).
SignMeUp 06:53 PM 02-16-2015
How do you do food program if kids bring their own food?
SilverSabre25 07:09 PM 02-16-2015
I made what I call scramburger for lunch because I had a pound of ground beef that needed used up ASAP. in a skillet I cooked the beef, onions, carrots, and frozen home fries (because lazy), and I added salt and pepper and garlic. Topped it with cheese and served with peas and oranges.

Tomorrow is hot dogs, pirate's booty, celery, and some sort of fruit. <--rarely have hot dogs but it made sense because reasons.
Wednesday, turkey rollups (tortilla with chive cream cheese and turkey lunchmeat, and possibly spinach), salad with italian dressing (homemade), and pears.
Thursday, Meatloaf (I make it in muffin tins so it's like meatballs), mashed potatoes, green beans, peaches.
Friday, PBJ, veggies and dip, whatever fruit needs eaten or fruit cocktail, and a cheese stick (for added protein)
Baby Beluga 07:18 PM 02-16-2015
Today: Scrambled eggs, homemade wheat toast, steamed butternut squash and pineapple

Tues: Turkey tacos (seasoned ground turkey with lettuce, cheese and tomato on soft spinach tortilla shell) corn and bell pepper slices

Wed: Meatballs subs, mixed vegetables and mango

Thurs: PB and honey sandwich on homemade wheat bread, peas and apple slices

Fri: Homemade mac and cheese (made with squash and carrot vegetable noodles) with ham, steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Shell 11:19 AM 02-17-2015
Today was PB on wheat bread (jelly for those that wanted it), cucumbers, and strawberries. I'm not on the food program, so I don't really have to plan- I just take it day by day.
Blackcat31 11:38 AM 02-17-2015
Yesterday was homemade ham & cheese casserole, mixed veggies, red pepper strips, cucumbers and applesauce.

Today was speghetti with meatballs, spinach salad, green beans, garlic toast and mangos

Tomorrow will be roast beef brisket, wild rice, peas, celery with pnb, and oranges

Thursday will be chicken breast, italian pasta, carrot coins, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and whole wheat rolls

Friday's menu is whole wheat tortillas, pulled pork, coleslaw, corn salsa and bananas
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