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Abigail 06:45 PM 05-27-2011
So I've recently purchased a few sleeping cots at 75% from another provider who is downsizing! They're exactly what we use now at our daycare so I know they're great quality and the look nearly new! Now that I've got most of the basics and realize it will be sometime this year when I'll open for business, I'm beginning to wonder how long my art supplies will last....

I thought we were moving sooner and planned to be open this summer so I bought a lot of back-to-school art supplies and just wonder how long they're good for if I have them inside in a storage container. I have lots of markers and also glue sticks I'm wondering about. I know glue bottles stay good awhile, what about the rest? If they will dry out I may as well bring them to my current daycare to get used as a donation. What do you think?
heyhun77 07:55 PM 05-28-2011
As long as you stored them inside and not out in the garage through the winter they should be fine. paints and glue will freeze in the winter and become unusable. I've had many art supplies around here for long times and they are fine. Sometimes paints and such just need to be shaken up a bit because they can start to separate.
Abigail 08:10 PM 05-28-2011
I kept my art supplies tote inside. I just couldn't pass up on the good deals from last Septembers clearance. I haven't looked in the box for a few months now and just started wondering about it.
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