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Unregistered 10:54 AM 10-05-2009
I was wondering if anyone else uses a "reward" system with their daycare kids? I'm having some difficulty with a couple of my kids, following directions and sharing so I thought I would do a "reward" system of course with all of them. I'm haivng trouble trying to figure out when to give a sticker and how many stickers is adequate for a "reward" at the end of the day for their age which is 3 -5. If I see someone sharing should I have them put up a sticker, or if I hear them talk nice, is that how I should do it? or should I acess their behaviour like every couple hours and they are given so many warnings within that time frame, so like lets say if they are given 3 warnings during a 2 hour period they dont' get a sticker? so if anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great. Thanks
Unregistered 05:53 AM 10-06-2009
Could you go with something like if the child is following the rules until lunch time, then they get a star and if they follow the rules until snack time, they get a star, and if they follow the rules until they leave they get a star. If they have ALL their stars for the day, then they get a sticker. Drawing in a star is much cheaper than having all those be stickers.

My DD in 1st grade gets a "magic circle" in the morning and if they are naughty, then the magic circle gets taken away. If something else occurs, then there's no recess. If she keeps the "magic circle" all day, then she gets play money to collect for when the teacher sets up her "store" in the classroom.

My DS in 3rd grade last year had 3 cards, a green, yellow, and a red. The first incident they lost the green one, 2nd the yellow, and if you lost the red one, it was trouble! If you ended the day with the green one, then they put a counting bear in a jar. When the jar was full, they did something fun as a class.
AmandasFCC 06:26 AM 10-06-2009
I did reward charts with my 2, 4, and 5 year olds (the babies had one too just for fairness but obviously they didnt understand) ... I found that it didn't work for me personally. They wanted the stickers, sure, but they didn't want to do anything for it, and quite often they completely forgot about the stickers. What I use now is something that I saw someone else on this forum post about. I have made a stoplight chart, and throughout the day if they stay on green or yellow they get a star at the end of the day. I do this AS A GROUP though, and so far they seem to be really grasping the fact that their behaviour influences the rest of the group. At the end of the week, if they have 4/5 stars I have a special treat at snack time or something for them. Mine seem to be really responding well to the concept of losing the star for bad behaviour.
tymaboy 08:16 AM 10-06-2009
I had a sticker chart for a family I had. I made a list of about 6 things that they do threw out the day. Some of the things were easy for the kids to acheive some where problem areas. Before they left for the day we would put the sticker on the area that they did well. I had it set up that they had to earn so many a month then I would give them a special treat. They loved earning the stickers & putting them on their own chart excited them. The special treat at the end of the month did not excite them as much as putting the stickers on the chart. Sometimes the chart did its trick sometimes not.
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