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thetoddlerwhisper 10:49 AM 10-07-2013
has anyone asked a local store or organization to provide items for crafts or parties? i work in a low income daycare and dont get paid anymore than minimum wage. at past daycares ive had parents donate pumpkins and candy and such for our fall party and christmas party but at this daycare our parents just dont have the money any more than i do. ive thought of contacting our local farms and pumpkin patches for donations or discounts but have no clue where to start or how to ask. has anyone done this how do you suggest asking??
butterfly 11:51 AM 10-07-2013
I start by asking the parents if they are able to donate items for crafts. I give them a list of ideas to get them started.

I had a parent with a large garden donate gords and pumpkins the last few years.

Some parents were able to bring things that were just being thrown out at their work - paper, bubble wrap, goofy shaped boxes, etc.

If the parents can bring it in, I typically can come up with some way to use it. Sometimes, I can just give the kids the items to play with or give them scissors and glue and they can transform the items.

I'd start with a mass email to parents or a newsletter. They may have access to something through their employer or a friend's employer.

Otherwise, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask other businesses. I haven't ever gone this route, so I don't have any great advice for you there.
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