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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Update On One Of My DCF: They Have Been Shopping Around
beachgrl 03:36 PM 11-16-2011
Talked to one of my dcf who had said this would be their dcb last week bc dcd didn't want to sign my full time contract and it was insinuated it was due to the notice and not wanting to be locked in as they have been drop in for awhile. They had decided to do ft but backed out when they actually read my contract when I sent a paper copy home as dcm had only looked at it real quick on her phone when they decided to go ahead with ft. I was like okay, but it was bothering me this week and I decided to talk with her about it today. I sent her an email as I knew it would be a couple days before I saw her and I thought she wouldn't be the one picking up but she did so we chatted about it and the fact that I had paid vaca days was one of the issues, bc she doesn't have any and so on. I basically did a brief explanation of the weekly tuition being the same ea week over the year and didn't wiggle on those but did tell her I would let them continue wo contract at ft rate if they wanted or we could tweak the contract to a shorter notice since they have been so good to work with.

She did tell me she had gone to meet one provider who is on the other side of town and she isn;t sure about her, doesn't have that full 100% sure of the fit feeling as you do sometimes and the woman has a retention pond 10 feet away from her doorstep according to her...and here I was worrying about my not having a fence or how my house looks on the outside..sheesh. Dcd hasn't met her yet but dcm indicated they have been going back and forth all week about it bc they like me and don't want to move him but at the same time she can't go against what dcd wants or isnt comfortable with of course...she also told me that my other drop in PITA family's kid is going to this lady..haha, go figure..small town even though I feel like there are several options in the area they both find the same lady?

So..I had also texted the other kid's mom Monday saying that I assume they are not continuing care (now I have confirmation they switched to another provider and couldn't even have the decency to at least let me know via email, phone or text? which btw is fine as I wasn't holding my breath after I didn't hear anything) as I had not heard from them but that the dcb still has belongings here that I am sure they want and to let me know when they would like to come by and pick them response, typical...two weeks now and haven't heard anything from them from the last contact and now I guess they think I will be holding onto this stuff for months..not gona happen. and I talked but I got a bit aggravated after she left about the whole I dont get paid vaca days thing..I am sorry, I am sure that you make a certain amount plus commissions with what she does for a living, and I am pretty sure that she doesnt make $5 or less an hour at her job either with no benefits or medical ins and so on, seriously?

Anyway..I do hope this family decides to stay and I am ok with them not having a contract as they have been a good family and the dcb is we will see but I am not stressing it so much as I was since I stil l gave them a compromise and if they decide to go elsewhere so be it.

On a positive note, the family I met with last night happened to be in a local store when my newest dcg was arriving to where her dcm works with her evening sitter and they were talking about how hard it was to find child care here and how they had met with me...and my newest dcm told them that was where her dcg goes and went on about how much she likes it and they should take their dcg to me so maybe I will get another ft just from her praises! All my dcf should be that great that they are bragging about me
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