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Sunchimes 01:28 PM 12-31-2011
The form I used for enrollment at first asks for the parent's and child's social security number. I told them to skip that because I'm neurotic about my number (years of running a jail related business) and I didn't feel right asking for theirs.

As I'm re-doing all of this for next time, I wonder if you require them, and if so, is there a good reason to have them on file?
Abigail 01:54 PM 12-31-2011
Did you create this form or is it a state required form? I don't ask for the child's or parents social security number. I would never give them mine either.

I do have the parents place of employment and home address and the child's full name and date of birth. I feel that is enough. I get to see the child's birth certificate (required) so I verify the child is really their own child. Their is no need to worry about payment because they pay for their care in advance.
sharlan 01:57 PM 12-31-2011
As a parent, I'm not giving you anybody's ss#. As a provider, I'm not giving you mine, that's why I got the other # from the IRS.
MyAngels 02:11 PM 12-31-2011
The only reason I can think of that you might need the parent's SSN would be in the event the relationship ended badly and you needed to forcibly collect any monies owed. It's not absolutely necessary to have it in that case, but it does make it easier to collect.

I can't think of any valid reason to need the child's SSN.

As a parent, I wouldn't give either mine or my child's to a potential daycare provider.
Sunchimes 02:53 PM 12-31-2011
It's the child assessment form from the Texas Dept of Family and Protective Services. I am a listed home and not required to use their forms, but it was convenient, so I used it. I told my first 3 families to ignore that part. I just couldn't figure out why it needed to be included.

I think I'll ditch their form and look elsewhere before I need a new one--which I hope will be many, many years.
Crazy8 06:42 PM 12-31-2011
none of my forms require soc sec numbers - thought maybe the universal child health record did but just checked and it doesn't. I used to give mine years ago but then got an EIN number so I don't have to give my ss# out.
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