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Firefly 07:41 AM 01-21-2019
So Iíd like to make a small change in my contract and add a couple of holidays to my list of paid holidays. Iím also doing away with discounted vacation days for parents. How would I go about doing this? Would I need to have them sign a new contract or just the page in my handbook with the added change?
Blackcat31 09:47 AM 01-21-2019
I just add new policies to one page. State they are new and give each parent a copy. I have them sign and date the new sheet and tuck it in the back of my handbook.

Every 2 years I re-write and update my handbook to include the new/edited policies.

We are required to give parents 2 weeks notice of any policy changes that include a raise in tuition rates. Otherwise there is no requirement about advance notice for parents in regards to policy changes but I do try to give 2 weeks as a courtesy.
littlefriends 10:40 AM 01-21-2019
I do similar to blackcat-I just type up a page saying whatever the new policy is, have them sign one to put in their file that states they read, understand, and agree to it, and give them a copy to keep for themselves. Every so often Iíll hand out a new handbook thatís been updated. I havenít been doing this forever like some of the others so Iíve only updated my handbook twice so far.
CityGarden 07:49 AM 01-22-2019
I have an annual contract, and each year parents sign a new contract and that contract will contain any updates. I do not highlight the changes - the changes all go under the subject area of the contract it relates to and I feel it is the dcps responsibility to read. They are required to initial each area of the contract so if they do not read it they would have initialed the area regardless.

During the year I make note of changes I want for the following year. I have never made changes mid-year, I find I can tolerate something I personally overlooked for the remainder of the school year and just make the change for the following year.....
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