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Unregistered 10:27 AM 06-01-2021
Childcare center with before and after school program is up for sale. It is currently set up for 50+ kids with 3000 sq ft area. Has potential for part-time preschool. Close proximity to several elementary schools and right next to a park. Situated in a affluent neighborhood with very reasonable rent and great lease. Currently set up as a franchise...but buyer can bring their own program or continue.
Unregistered 09:05 AM 06-06-2021
I am very interested. Please contact me at 510.938.6666

Thank you!
Mreddy 09:27 AM 06-06-2021
Iím interested on this business. Please contact 510-289-9209
Reply 08:34 AM 12-31-2021
Hi there
Hope you are well

My name is Supriya Billa , city of Pleasanton resident, Iíve been in the childcare field for over 15 years now ; served in many roles from a preschool aide to preschool site supervisor

I have been looking to set up my own preschool and been searching for decent sites for sale/lease

I came across your posting on

Is this still open ?

If yes, me and my husband would like to discuss further details

Please let me know , you can reach me at 925-487-5995

Thanks Bonnie
Michael 11:42 AM 01-01-2022
Hi Bonnie. Welcome to the forum. The original OP didnít leave contact information within the post and since they are an unregistered poster we have no account information to offer you to contact them.

We suggest you register as a member on our new forum here:
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