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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Does He Want To Get Bit??
preschoolteacher 11:18 AM 03-31-2014
One DCG has a history of biting, though she hasn't in about 2 months. I think she's outgrowing it. The only kid she ever bit was my 20-month old son. Well now suddenly, every time they want the same toy and a conflict begins, he puts his hand up to her mouth--wanting her to bite him! She hasn't yet since I've seen each interaction and stopped it quickly. But, come on kid!

I never over-reacted to her biting, I don't think. But I think he's doing this to get my attention. The last time he did it, I led him away from her and the toy.

What would you do??
llpa 11:32 AM 03-31-2014
I would just reiterate to him that we don't touch others on the mouth with our hands. And then make him move just like you are doing. I would also tell her that he shouldn't be doing that and she needs to walk away from him when he does. Maybe that will discourage him.
EntropyControlSpecialist 12:16 PM 03-31-2014
My kid? Id let him get bit. He would stop pretty quickly at almost 2.
KiddieCahoots 02:54 PM 03-31-2014
Maybe you could preteach, get to them before they violate each other's space, help guide them with finding and using their appropriate words, before it all goes down.
I use this method, it's a lot or work at first until they get it down, but works like a charm in the end.
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