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Unregistered 05:00 PM 02-09-2008
I have my 2 children in a home daycare setting. At 1st things seemed GREAT. And fast thjings have started to fade! My oldest hates going there. Everyday it is a struggle to get him out of the car. Anyway I went to pick them up the other night and my provider asked me if I was looking for new care, she heard from "someone" that we where looking for someone new. I told her no. My husband and I have talked about it but we haven't starting looking as of yet and we haven't told anyone this either. So my question is do I go in on Monday morning and tell her we are looking or wait until we find someone and then tell her.
Michael 07:13 PM 02-09-2008
Usually you have a contract with a daycare facility stating the terms. If not, you should ask the daycare owner that if you were to take your child out, how much notice she would need. She, after all, is trying to run a business and loss of your payments will put her in a position to find a replacement. Trust is needed on both sides and voicing both your concerns will make any transition run more smoothly.
Unregistered 05:09 AM 02-10-2008
Maybe I should make this clear. I do have a contract, I need to give her a 2 week notice. My question is shoud I tell her we are looking or wait until we find some and then tell her. I don't want her to think I was lying to her. When she asked we hadn't started looking but as of today we are starting to contact other providers.
Unregistered 11:57 AM 05-09-2008
I am a daycare provider, and my contract says 2 wks. If you told me you were looking for a different provider, I would start looking for 2 new clients to fill your spot. When I found someone I would give you your 2 wk notice. It's a catch 22, for you.
That said, if you and your husband have been talking about finding someone new but hadn't said anything to anyone else, the I would guess it was your son who told her this news. I have had the same thing happen to me. Their 4yr old didn't like some of the rules and would have fits. One day she told me that she and her sister were going to go some where else. I asked the mother, she said 'no not true'. A week later they gave their 2wks. So, now if this happened again, I would make sure the parents understood that I will be looking to fill their spot, just incase what I was told turns out to be true.
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