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Mariahsaint 12:11 PM 08-31-2016
Hey everyone. This is my first time starting my own thread or asking for help here, but I desperately need it as I am at a loss.

DCG 3 has been with me for a little over a year and a half. She's always been near perfect when it came to potty training, napping, eating, etc.

She is, however, nonverbal so we are unable to ask her what's wrong or why she's struggling.

Lately however, she has been refusing to nap here and her parents struggle to get her to bed at night. We know she's overly tired and that's affecting her normally sweet behavior, but lately all we get are tantrums for her and downright refusal to even shut her eyes.

The few times we do get her to nap, she's been wetting herself. She had been full potty trained since she was a few months past 2 years old, so this is really out of the blue.

Parents have said nothing has changed at home and they are at a complete loss. They set up a doctor's appointment tomorrow as they are worried something might be paining her physically and she's just unable to tell us.

But then, why would this only affect her during nap/bedtime?

I guess I don't even know what I'm asking specifically other than if anyone has ideas of what I can do to help her or what could be going on with her. I've never had to deal with this before.
Rockgirl 12:27 PM 08-31-2016
Maybe she has a UTI? And possibly keeping herself awake for fear of wetting herself while sleeping. Glad she is getting checked by a dr.
Mariahsaint 12:56 PM 08-31-2016
Originally Posted by Rockgirl:
Maybe she has a UTI? And possibly keeping herself awake for fear of wetting herself while sleeping. Glad she is getting checked by a dr.
I suppose a UTI is possible, but other than her being extra angsty and the sleeping issues, I haven't noticed any other change. Other than her occasional wetting herself whilst asleep, she is still toilet trained during waking hours. She's not showing any other symptoms of a UTI either.

I'll definitely tell them to have the doctor check for that as well though. Thank you!
Cat Herder 02:30 PM 08-31-2016
Why is she non-verbal?
Josiegirl 03:56 PM 08-31-2016
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
Why is she non-verbal?
That was my 1st question because that may have a lot to do with it. My newly turned 3 yo started having a major fit when I tried to lay her down at naptime. She'd stand up and literally scream. I had changed nothing. Nothing gong on at home. We decided it was probably just her asserting her independent little self. She's always been very verbal. So I separated her from the others at nap time, placed her in the kitchen on her cot, so she could see me and vice versa, she's fine now. Well, as long as she doesn't have to go potty 5x in the hour of nap time.

I wonder if your dcg is afraid of peeing her undies if she falls asleep, maybe putting her in pull-ups during nap? IDK, just throwing out an idea.
finsup 05:45 PM 08-31-2016
Bad dreams maybe? I know between 2 and 3.5 all my own kids and daycare kids have gone through a phase of that.
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