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kitkat 08:03 AM 09-23-2011
Does anyone know the age when kids correctly use she/her. I tried looking online, but wasn't finding what I needed. DCG is 3.5 and consistantly uses her instead of she. Her is hurt. Her went to the bathroom. Stuff like that. I correct her and my DD who just turned 3 always corrects her. Not sure if she does it with he/him. Anyway, just wanted to know the age when she/her should be being used correctly. Thanks!
Blackcat31 08:27 AM 09-23-2011
One of my dcm is a speech therapist. She said kids begin using pronouns correctly and consistently by age 5 or 6. It is not uncommon for them to mis-use the pronouns at the beginning of Kindy but usually have a handle in them before Kindy graduation time.
kitkat 09:09 AM 09-23-2011
Thanks for the info! Exactly what I needed to know
MarinaVanessa 11:15 AM 09-23-2011
She's still a little young for it to be an issue but I think it's great that you are correcting her and working with her on it. I would keep doing what you are doing and hopefully she'll make the connection early. Every time she says her instead of she, have her repeat herself but use the correct word ... always smile of course and offer encouragement .
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