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Leanna 03:48 PM 08-14-2013
One of my DCB's is going to be receiving speech therapy this year. I am super excited for him but am wondering how to accommodate this logistically. If the therapist wants to use a "push in" method it will be no problem, but if she wants to use a "pull out" method I cannot figure out how that will work. If we are in the playroom where will she take him? Can she be alone with him unsupervised? I am not really comfortable having her out of my sight with him as I am responsible for him while he is at my home. However, can I insist that she stay in the playroom with us? Also, if she does not want to include other children I am worried that the other children will be very interested in what they are doing. Has anybody worked with therapists before? How did you work it out?
Sunchimes 04:28 PM 08-14-2013
I don't have an official answer, but I can tell you what we decided. After talking to dcm about it, we decided that the early intervention therapists are vetted before given the job, and at some point, you have to trust. So far, they haven't pulled him out because they are teaching me how to do the therapy, and it's worked well. I only have 3 kids, so I'm lucky it works. If they wanted to pull out (and they may at some point), we have already decided it's ok. But, I reached this decision with mom's input, I didn't decide it on my own.
Unregistered 06:07 PM 08-14-2013
I do daycare in my home and my son is in speech. His therapist comes about once a week. There have been times when I've only had a small group and we all stay in the same room together and it has been fine. I like that too because she's usually giving me ideas on things to work on with him. I'm sure if this child spends a lot of time with you it would be a good idea for you to be involved.
If I have a full group that day they will typically go in the living room and the kids and I in the toy room. I can still see then, just not as much distraction for my son.
racemom 06:33 PM 08-14-2013
I have a dcb who has received therapy since birth. What we have found works best is at nap time. That way we can all observe and learn from the therapists. It delays his nap a little, but we do it right at beginning so he still gets a good nap in and everyone else is sleeping or resting.
cheerfuldom 08:38 PM 08-14-2013
I had a special needs child here. The therapist came during a window of time that I approved and stayed with the group. She had to work around the fact that there are other kids here and I wont let a child in my care be out of my sight.
Familycare71 08:48 PM 08-14-2013
I had a dcb who had therapists work with him here- 3 different ones three days a week total.
I didn't mind it at all and actually learned quite a bit
I gave the hours I was ok with them coming and they had to work within that time frame.
Sometimes they would work off to the side alone but many times she would work with the group too.
I didn't leave them "alone" but sometimes they were in an adjacent room - I could hear them and peek in while still staying with my group.
Also if we were outside- therapy happened outside.
They were all easy to work with and flexible
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