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Heidi 11:56 AM 10-09-2013
I get to spend a whole day observing at a Waldorf School Kindergarten! Ages 3-6.

I have soooo wanted to learn more about "Forest Kindergarten", and at this school, Tuesdays and Thursdays are Forest Days.

It'll be a challenge to be quiet at times (I do like to talk), because apparently there is a lot of observing involved, and very little adult interference in the children's work. I hope I can take away some new ideas for my own program.

melilley 12:25 PM 10-09-2013
Have fun!
Lyss 01:14 PM 10-09-2013
Congrats! What fun!!!

Let us know how it goes!
LK5kids 02:32 PM 10-09-2013
I would love, love, love to teach at a Waldorf school! I almost applied for a first grade position last spring at the Viroqua WS! You are a lucky duck!
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